Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Union Bosses Support Bennet, While Colorado Senator Remains Silent On EFCA

Denver, CO (October 5,2010) – Senator Michael Bennet – who has repeatedly demonstrated his support for Big Labor bosses – will benefit from hundreds of thousands of pieces of literature being distributed by unions, while the Colorado Senator refuses to tell individual workers and small businesses where he stands on the job-killing Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act (EFCA).

“Let’s face it: Senator Bennet is a loyal friend to labor bosses, and he’s getting his reward as they invest significant resources in him,” said Sandra Hagen Solin, state director of the Coalition for Colorado Jobs (CCJ). “Despite the pleas of Colorado workers and small businesses about the need to protect employees and employers from job-killing legislation, Bennet has refused to take a position on the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act. Today, it has become clearer than ever that Bennet has decided to turn his back on the very people he aspires to represent for a full term in the Senate, while standing with labor bosses who support initiatives that will increase unemployment and job loss in Colorado.”

CCJ has asked all federal candidates for their position on EFCA and has received signed responses from 19 of the candidates. Senator Bennet refuses to respond even after repeated calls to state his position on the legislation.

The Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act would allow for card check signature campaigns that would force workers to state their views about unionization in public, opening them up to pressure and coercion from organizers in the workplace. The bill would benefit union bosses by creating a binding arbitration process run by government bureaucrats that would determine the terms of a contract without approval from employees or employers. The burdens and liabilities that EFCA would place on small businesses would force many to close their doors or move overseas.