Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Buck Calls on Bennet to Disclose Donations

DENVER—Republican Senate nominee Ken Buck called on Appointed Senator Michael Bennet to disclose the recipients of Bennet's donations over the last 10 years. Unlike Buck and his primary opponent Jane Norton, Bennet has withheld from public scrutiny the portions of his tax returns that list charitable donations.

At the request of the Denver Post, both Buck and Norton turned over their full tax returns for the last decade. Both Republican candidates told the Post that Coloradans deserve to know about candidates' contributions. "'I think it's important that candidates are open,' Buck said. Norton agreed. 'When you're in public life, there needs to be some transparency,' Norton said. 'It's part of the deal.'"

"Appointed Senator Bennet refuses to take positions on key issues facing Coloradans. He dodges debates. And now he won't tell voters what groups he's giving to. What is he hiding?" asked Buck campaign manager John Swartout. "Appointed Senator Bennet owes it to Colorado voters to quit hiding his tax returns."

Past Colorado Senate candidates have disclosed their charitable giving. In 2008, Mark Udall and Bob Schaffer discussed their charitable giving during their last debate. And in 2002, Wayne Allard and Tom Strickland both turned over their full tax returns, including charitable donations.

The Post's editorial board repeatedly has called on candidates to release their full tax returns. At the Post's urging, all candidates for the Governor's race have released their returns. As the Post said: "How candidates spend their money matters because it gives voters a better idea of who they are and what they value."

"Appointed Senator Bennet has spent millions of dollars on negative ads so that he can hide from his record. Now he wants to hide his tax returns from Coloradans. Coloradans deserve a Senator who will look them in the eye, not run away from them," said Swartout. "Bennet needs to come clean and tell voters about his donations, just like Ken Buck and Jane Norton did."