Friday, October 15, 2010

Perlmutter Asks TV Stations to Pull Outside Wall St. Backers’ Ad

Health Insurance Bill Does Not Allow ANY Healthcare Benefits to Illegal Immigrants

Today, the Perlmutter campaign sent a letter asking TV stations in Denver to remove an advertisement attacking Ed Perlmutter based on the fact that it is “grossly inaccurate…and includes claims that independent news organizations have already declared false.” Attached is the letter sent to station managers today, as well as a fact check on the entire ad.
In addition to numerous false allegations, the commercial alleges the health insurance reform bill “spent our money on health insurance for illegal immigrants.” This is beyond political gamesmanship, this is a blatant lie, and the worst kind of scare-tactics that TV stations shouldn’t be a party to. The health insurance reform bill signed into law by the President states that undocumented immigrants are specifically “excluded from receiving any benefits under health care reform.” Perlmutter voted to ensure this provision was inserted in the law. See the attached letter for independently-verified citations.

The million dollar commercial is paid for by the American Action Network (AAN) and is funded by the very big Wall Street financial firms Ed voted to crack down on.

While Ed was voting to reign in the risky gambling and abuses of the largest Wall Street financial institutions, this out-of-state, shadowy group of national Republican operatives and Wall Street executives was amassing millions of dollars to lie about Ed’s votes on financial reform and health insurance reform.

Some of the funders of the American Action Network include:

· Fred Malek – Former aid to Richard Nixon, former board member of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (2002-2005). In 2004, the SEC announced that Malek was involved in a scheme to have Connecticut pension funds invested with Malek in exchange for Malek employing a politicians from Connecticut. And the Washington Post has documents showing Malek wrote the plan to purge Jews from the Nixon Labor Department.

· Wendy Grubbs – Managing Director, Global Govt. Affairs, Citi.

· Bob Steel – Former President and CEO Wachovia

· Isaac Applebaum, founding General Partner Opus Capital

· Maria Cino – Vice President of Government Affairs, Pfizer, Inc.

· Dylan Glenn, Senior VP Guggenheim Advisors.