Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Republicans Rally Behind Tancredo

Conservative Endorsements Continue to Stream In

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO—Gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo today announced a string of new endorsements from conservative leaders, tea party groups, and activists across Colorado.

“Our campaign continues to build momentum every day, and the outpouring of support from conservatives across the state has become tremendous,” said Tancredo. “I’m proud that so many respected Republican leaders and grassroots activists are backing me to put an end to the failed tax-and-spend policies of the last four years.”

Tancredo’s latest endorsements include:

Mike Rosen, Radio Talk Show Host
Amy Oliver, Radio Talk Show Host and Director of the Colorado Transparency Project
Erick Erickson, Conservative Blogger,
Ross Kaminsky, Conservative Blogger,
State Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp
Republican State Representative Cindy Acree
Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson
Elbert County Sheriff William Frangis
Montezuma County Sheriff Gerald Wallace
Hear Us Now! (Denver Tax Day Tea Party)
Tea Party Patriots of Denver
Tron Simpson, Radio Host
Former Republican State Senator and Senate Majority Leader Tom Blickensderfer
Former Republican State Senator Ed Jones
Former Republican State Representative Mark Cloer
Kelsey Alexander, Former Douglas County GOP Chair
Judson Phillips, Founder, Tea Party Nation
Mike Short, Tea Party Patriots of Denver
Jimmy Sengenberger, College Radio Talk Show Host
Mary Frangis, Conservative Activist
Isaac Smith, Conservative Activist

Tancredo has also been endorsed by a number of other prominent Republican leaders, including Congressman Mike Coffman, former Congressmen Joel Hefley, Bob Schaffer, and Bob Beauprez, state Senator and former Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry, Assistant Senate Minority Leader Greg Brophy, state Senators Ted Harvey and Shawn Mitchell, state Representatives Kent Lambert, Cheri Gerou, Marsha Looper, and Spencer Swalm, and dozens of other current and former elected officials and grassroots activists.