Friday, October 1, 2010

More Republicans Line Up Behind Tom Tancredo Tancredo Announces New List of Endorsements

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO—Gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo today announced another string of endorsements from prominent Colorado Republicans.

“I am thrilled to have the support of so many Republican leaders,” said Tancredo. “The word is clearly spreading that I am the ‘electable conservative,' in the words of Bob Beauprez, and it is contributing to the enormous surge of momentum that we are seeing everywhere on the campaign trail."

Tancredo’s latest endorsements include:

Former Republican Congressman Joel Hefley, El Paso County - 5th Congressional District
Former Republican State Representative Lynn Hefley, El Paso County
Former State Senator/Senate Minority Leader Andy McElhany, El Paso County
State Senator Shawn Mitchell
Jon Caldara, President, Independence Institute, and KOA Talk Show Host
Former State Representative/House Majority Leader Chris Paulson
Former State Representative John Herzog
Former State Representative Steve Erickson
Former State Representative Cliff Bryan
Michael Brown, KOA Talk Show Host
Cinamon Watson, GOP Strategist
Bo Cottrell, Former Arapahoe County Republican Chair
Lynne Cottrell, Former Arapahoe County Republican Chair
Mike Sheeley, Former 7th Congressional Republican Candidate
Matt Dunn, Former State House Candidate
Tory Brown, Former Arapahoe County Republican Chair
Karen Kataline, President, Jewish Republicans of Colorado
Rick Grice, Former Arapahoe County Republican Men’s Club President
Glenn Rhoades, Republican Education Activist