Friday, October 1, 2010

McClatchy-Marist Poll: Buck Leads Bennet 50%-42%

DENVER—Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck leads appointed Sen. Michael Bennet 50 percent to 42 percent in a McClatchy-Marist Poll conducted from Sept. 26-28.
The McClatchy-Marist poll of 527 likely voters has a margin of error of 4.5 percent. The poll follows a Rasmussen Reports survey released on Thursday showing Ken Buck leading by a similar margin.

“Coloradans want a Senator who will create jobs and bring Washington’s spending under control,” said Buck campaign manager John Swartout. “Ken has a record of fighting for Coloradans, while Sen. Bennet is merely a rubberstamp for Washington insiders.

“Both the McClatchy-Marist numbers and the Rasmussen numbers are encouraging. Ken has held a consistent lead since winning the primary, and Bennet can’t break 45 percent,” added Swartout. “Expect more desperate lies to come from Sen. Bennet.”

Political Journalists Note That Falling Below 50% In The Polls Is “Considered A Danger Sign For Incumbents”

“Labor Day Marks The Start Of The Final Stretch Of The Campaign Season. Any Incumbent Polling Below 50 Percent At That Point Is Considered In Serious Trouble.” (J. Taylor Rushing, “At Least Seven Senate Incumbents Struggling Below Halfway Mark In Polls,” The Hill,, 8/28/10)

Capturing Less Than 50% In The Polls Is “Generally Considered A Danger Sign For Incumbents.” “ (Mark Binker, “Marshall Suffering From Cash Shortage,” [Greensboro, NC] News & Record,, 9/12/10)

An Author With Real Clear Politics Noted That “Incumbents Below 50 Percent In August Rarely Win.” (Sean Trende, “Burr In The Danger Zone In North Carolina,” Real Clear Politics “Blog,”, 8/31/10)

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