Thursday, September 23, 2010

Showing Up is More than Just Half the Battle

Republican Candidate Continues to Say One Think But Fails to Show up to Do Anything

Golden, CO – Today, Republican Ryan Frazier told ABC’s Topline program that “half the battle is showing up” to talk about the issues people care about. ( But again, his record of “just showing up” is abysmal. He’s been called “Missing in Action” for failing to show up for work on the Aurora City Council 30 % of the time to do the work he was hired to do by the taxpayers of Aurora. (

And it’s unfortunate and a shame he didn’t think it was important enough to show up and talk and listen to the voters at the Jewish Community Relations Council candidate forum on Monday night because he was in Washington fundraising.

If showing up is half the battle, the 7th CD Republican candidate has to do more than just talk in slick soundbites about showing up, he actually has to do it. As Tom Tancredo said when he chose not to endorse Ryan Frazier, “Look at the candidates in the 7th and tell me which one just wants to be a congressman and will say anything to get there.?”

It’s no wonder Frazier’s record of failing to show up for work and debates caused even his own Republican leaders Paul Tauer and Bob Beauprez to question his qualifications to hold office. Beauprez said it best to the Denver Post, he “ought to be fired, not promoted.”

Ed Perlmutter, who is running for the 7th Congressional District, does more than just show up. He listens and he acts. From aisle 5 at the grocery store, to the bike paths on Clear Creek, and the Main Streets and neighborhoods around the district, Ed has been showing up to listen to his neighbors and constituents about the issues important to them.

And he’s been able to take action by helping crack down on predatory credit card practices, he helped Big Papa’s Barbeque in the metro area get access to a bank that would make them an operating loan so they could expand and hire more than 40 new workers, he is pushing a plan to increase capital at small banks so they can make loans to small businesses, and he lead the way in getting construction finally started to build a new state of the art VA Medical Center for our veterans in Aurora.

Integrity DOES matter. And Frazier can’t be trusted to show up.