Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where’s The Stimulus, Michael Bennet?

Colorado’s Unemployment On The Rise After Bennet Rubberstamped President Obama’s Massive Spending Debacle

WASHINGTON – According to the federal government’s monthly report released today, Colorado’s unemployment rate increased from 8.0 percent in July 2010 to 8.2 percent in August 2010 – despite the fact the Obama Administration and liberal appointed Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) backed a massive $787 billion stimulus bill that the Democrats promised would create much-needed jobs during the nation’s current economic crisis.

Upon ramming the bill into law, Bennet claimed that the stimulus would create jobs and cut taxes for American families and businesses. But 18 months after the passage of this wasteful spending bill, Coloradans are still struggling to make ends meet and Bennet is now admitting that “we have nothing to show for” his massive spending bill that has skyrocketed our national debt to $13 billion.

In the meantime, the stimulus bill that Bennet eagerly rammed into law paid for a number of non-job related projects, including a study to determine how monkeys react to cocaine; $2 million to examine exotic ants; a system to purchase cell phones for smokers trying to quit, and $760,000 for a computerized choreography program, among other wasteful endeavors.

“There’s a reason why Michael Bennet is trailing Ken Buck in the polls 42 days from the election. While Buck rejected Washington’s out-of-control spending projects, Bennet eagerly rubberstamped President Obama’s stimulus debacle, which failed to create jobs but spent millions of dollars on wasteful projects like testing cocaine on monkeys and studying exotic ants,” said National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokeswoman Amber Marchand. “If voters had any question who Michael Bennet sides with in Washington, they need only look at his rubberstamp support for President Obama’s failed stimulus, health care takeover, and reckless spending agenda.”

Background Information:

The Unemployment Rate In Colorado In July Was 8.0%. (U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 9/21/10)

The Unemployment Rate In Colorado In August Was 8.2%. (U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 9/21/10)

After He Voted For Obama’s Massive “Stimulus” Package, Bennet Said He Hadn’t Even Read The Bill. ‘“I did not read every single page of the legislation and nor did the people that voted against this bill,’ he said. ‘We had very good summaries all the way through from the hundreds and thousands of staff people who work on this legislation, and if we were to read, and I say we meaning everybody that’s there, every single page of every single bill, that’s all we would do.”’ (Face The State Blog, “Bennet Admits He Didn’t Read Entire Stimulus Bill,”, 2/18/09)

Bennet: “[W]e Came Together Tonight To Enact An Economic Recovery Plan That Creates Jobs, Cuts Taxes For American Families And Businesses, And Lays The Foundation For Long-Term Economic Growth.” (Senator Michael Bennet, Press Release, “Congress Approves American Recovery And Reinvestment Act,” 2/13/09)

Bennet Said: “[T]his Is An Extraordinary Time, And We Are Going To Have To Deficit Spend To Get Out Of Where We Are.” (Sara Burnett, “Bennet Kicks Off On-The-Job Training,” Rocky Mountain News, 1/9/09)

“Bennet Said That Spending Federal Dollars Can Drive Down The Growing National Debt.” (Jessica Fender, “Biden Speaks In Denver,” The Denver Post, 5/27/09)

“Michael Bennet, D-Colo, At A Town Hall Meeting In Greeley Last Saturday, Aug 21 Said We Had Nothing To Show For The Debt Incurred By The Stimulus Package And Other Expenditures Calling The Recession The Worst Since The Great Depression.” (Jack Minor, “Bennet Says We Have Nothing To Show For All Of Our Debt, Will Not Commit To Position On Card Check,” The Greeley Gazette, 8/24/10)

· “Regarding Spending During His Time In Office He [Bennet] Said, ‘We Have Managed To Acquire $13 Trillion Of Debt On Our Balance Sheet’ And, ‘In My View We Have Nothing To Show For It.’” (Jack Minor, “Bennet Says We Have Nothing To Show For All Of Our Debt, Will Not Commit To Position On Card Check,” The Greeley Gazette, 8/24/10)