Friday, September 17, 2010

CIRC Response to Senator Reid's Pledge to Introduce DREAM Act Next Week

Legislation Would Keep Next Generation of American Leaders Contributing to U.S.

Denver, CO - The news that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) will bring up the bi-partisan DREAM Act is a welcome step forward for the immigration debate. The fact that this common-sense legislation has had such a tough battle is a sign of the broken conversation on immigration, as this Act will allow children who have grown up as Americans to finally have the opportunity to become full participants in our nation.

A national poll of 1,008 adults, conducted by Opinion Research Corporation for First Focus in June 2010, shows a stunning level of support, which cuts across regional and party lines. They found 70 percent overall support, 60% support from Republicans, and 80% support from Democrats.

" If you ever took the time to speak to DREAMers you would inevitably find kids who have spent most of their lives living as Americans," said Erika Blum, from the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition and VOICE in Boulder, " The injustice of holding back children, many of whom are high achievers is just plain wrong and un-American. The DREAM act would allow those undocumented kids who came here under 16, lived here for longer than 5 years, and completed 2 years of military service or college work to adjust their status and legalize. This would give the engineering major forced to take a minimum-wage job the chance to do the work they love, the soldier back from war a chance to make a life for themselves in any community, and the graduating high school senior a chance to go to college and make their families dreams come true. This bill is giving a future to a whole generation of youth, and we are proud of Senators Udall and Bennet for co-sponsoring this legislation. We hope that they will stand up on the Senate floor and speak for the youthful masses waiting for a chance to live the American Dream."