Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Buck Clear Winner in First Debate

Grand Junction, CO—Tonight, U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck and appointed Senator Michael Bennet squared off at the Club 20 debate, the first of the general election. The debate highlighted the stark contrast between Buck and the appointed senator.

During the debate, Buck laid out his plan to get Coloradans back to work and to bring Washington’s spending under control.

Buck was pleased with the outcome of the debate--

“It was good to get the record straight," said Buck. "Folks are tired of Washington politicians distorting facts and not owning up to their record. Sen. Bennet has proven time and again that he is a rubberstamp for the Washington establishment. Colorado deserves a senator who will work for them."

“Michael Bennet’s strategy is to lie about Ken Buck’s record, and runaway from his own,” said Buck campaign manager John Swartout. “Tonight, Bennet said that the three fact checks and Denver Post editorial on his misleading spot were wrong. The people of Colorado cannot believe Michael Bennet.”

“Ken put forward a clear plan to get Coloradans back to work and to get Washington’s spending under control, problems that Sen. Bennet has neglected to solve,” added Swartout.