Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Frazier Says One Thing But Doesn’t Show Up to Do Anything

Perlmutter Calls On Frazier to Support His Bipartisan Plan to Help Small Businesses

Golden – Today, following a candidate forum with the United Veterans Committee, Ed Perlmutter again called on his Republican opponent, Ryan Frazier to stop stalling like his national Republicans in the Congress who continue to block small business legislation.

While Frazier smoothly told the Veterans at today’s candidate forum he supports more access to capital for small business, he continues to support his national Republican colleagues and their stall and delay tactics that are holding small businesses hostage and that have crippled the ability of this country to move forward toward a more stable and secure economy.

“Ryan Frazier and his Republicans in Congress need to do more than just talk about helping small businesses, they need to take positive action to actually help them, instead of continually driving backward to block progress. Our small businesses are the economic engines of our country, and they deserve better.” said Perlmutter. “Through tax cuts and credits and small business loans, we have to make sure to bolster the entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity that makes this district the best place in America to live, work and raise a family. I’m proud I’ve been able to help small businesses right here in our area, like Big Papa’s BBQ, get the loans they need to create jobs and put people to work.”

At the forum, Frazier said, "Right now demand is stagnant throughout our economy, small business owners throughout are having a tough time getting credit, and we need a way in which we can open up that credit.”

Based on these and other public comments, Perlmutter is renewing his call for Frazier to support his bipartisan proposal with Mike Coffman which was included in the small business bill passed this summer by the House. Republicans in the Senate continue to block the legislation. Perlmutter’s bipartisan plan will allow small banks to free up capital so they can lend money to small businesses to use to hire more people and get the loans they need to expand their businesses.

This is further evidence of Ryan Frazier saying one thing, but failing to show up to do anything.