Friday, July 23, 2010

An open letter from Tom Janich candidate for House District 31

Hello, folks. I want to say it has been a privilege to serve the great AdamsCounty community (as well as a humbling experience) for the past 20 years. And thank goodness for newspapers. Without them we would have no idea about what is going on locally. Thank God for freedom of speech.
Let me get right to the point of my race for House District 31 and the main areas of concern.

B The Colorado economy and jobs. In the coming months you will see an onslaught of 527s and special interests trying to destroy amendments 60, 61 and Prop 101 by portraying them as too extreme and destructive to Colorado.

These same claims were made against the Taxpayers' Bill of Rights in 1991-92. Then, the state's budget was approximately $6 billion. In 2010-11 the budget is approximately $19.6 billion, approximately a 227 percent increase in expenditures! These initiatives, in my opinion, are a response by taxpayers to the largest tax increase - Ref C in 2005, along with Gov. Bill Ritter and the Democrats' relentless fee and tax increase policy. These measures will put the teeth back into TABOR and will reduce government and taxes, all of which the elected officials are not willing to do because of pressure from special interests.

B Illegal immigration. I love all people and our diversity is one of our country's greatest strengths. But people need to come here legally and that is all Arizona is trying to do by enforcing the laws that the gutless cowards in Congress and the President will not.

"Give us your tired, hungry, poor and huddled masses" never meant give us your terrorists, criminals, undocumented and people who steal Americans identities to drain our government programs at the taxpayer expense.

If we continue to try to be the liferaft of the world we will sink and there is no one to take our place.

Just one note: We say we need the young labor force produced by immigration. If the 50 million human beings aborted in the name of "rights" had had a chance at life they could have been serving our country, building our country, and paying into Social Security. No one has the right to play God with who comes into this world and who doesn't.

Finally, I want to bring attention to the greatest of all financial disasters in our lifetime and possibly our nation's history and that is the coming bankruptcy of our federal government and the possibility of the failure of our currency due to the insolvency of the Federal Reserve.

We see the disaster of the oil spill and feel the pain of fallen soldiers but soon we will all feel the accountability of decades of failed fiscal policy at the federal and state level.

The mandatory spending programs of Social Security, Medicare, interest on the national debt and federal pensions will consume the entire federal budget within 10 to 20 years leaving nothing for the States - much less for national defense.

States with the least government, debt, taxes and welfare along with an educated and skilled work force will recover the fastest.

Quit believing the status-quo politicians who tell you everything is OK and they can fix it without any pain. They are the same career politicians who have been deceiving the public for decades and are the cause of all these problems in the first place.

In closing, I would like to say if this country and state continue down the road of liberal ideology there is going to come a day of reckoning.

We, as a nation and a state, need to rise up and take back the country we know and love from the special interests that control our government and elected officials. When elected I will work to take back this country.

Tom Janich is a candidate for House District 31