Friday, July 23, 2010

Colorado Dems Look Strong, In Spite of National Trend Toward Republicans, Says CATCH

DENVER, July 19 /Xpress Press/ In the Democratic Primary for the US Senate race, Former CO House Speaker Andrew Romanoff is facing current US Senator Michael Bennet. While polls showed earlier in the year that Romanoff and Bennet were in a close race, this weeks polling by Rassmussen Reports shows that Romanoff polls better against both Republicans than does Senator Bennet. In a general election race, Republicans Jane Norton and Ken Buck have a slight lead, but the race is close compared to other like races across the country. In the poll, Buck leads both Romanoff and Bennet by margins of 47-42% and 48-39%, respectively. Former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton holds a 47-40% lead over Sen. Bennet, but is in a virtual tie with former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, leading by a margin of 44-42%. (The margin of error in the poll was +/- 4.5%.)

In the race for Colorado Governor, Republicans Scott McInnis and Dan Maes have both faced criticism for controversies surrounding their campaigns, and Democratic candidate and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper leads both Republican opponents. According to Rasmussen Reports and Vantage Polling, Hickenlooper narrowly leads McInnis 45% to 43% and leads Maes 46% to 43%.

In races for the state house, celebrity bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman has been campaigning for Democrat Maryellen Pollack, who also occasionally appears on Chapman’s A&E Television program “Dog, The Bounty Hunter”. In a recent Vantage Poll, Maryellen Pollack leads her largely inactive Democratic opponent Laura Huerta 51% to 26%. In the same poll, which focused on the primary race, Pollack significantly outperformed her primary opponent against Republican opponent Kevin Priola, as 12% of Priola and undecided voters said they’d back Pollack were she the Democratic nominee.

These polls show that Colorado voting trends in 2010 may be inconsistent with larger trends across the country, as Democrats are competitive or leading with certain nominees in each of these races.

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