Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Candidate for Brighton City Council Ward 3 Lynn Baca Begins “Walk the Ward Campaign”

Lynn Baca, a candidate for Brighton City Council Ward 3, announced today that she will walk every street, every block, and every neighborhood in Ward 3 as she runs for Brighton City Council.

“It’s critical to hear every voice in Ward 3,” says Baca, a life-long Brighton resident who serves on the city’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

“It’s important to hear what residents have to say – to hear what they believe Brighton is doing right, and where we can improve. I’m walking every neighborhood to listen to them.”

Given that, Baca begins her “Walk the Ward Campaign” this week, knocking on doors in every corner of Ward 3.

“Ward 3 residents can expect to see me knocking on their door,” says Baca, who is also a 1988 Brighton High School graduate. “I’m running so the voices in Ward 3 can be heard when it counts. As a councilmember, I will represent them.”

Ward 3 is geographically diverse. It includes the neighborhoods west of Highway 85. From there, it jumps across the railroad tracks and encompasses portions of original Brighton, including Historic Downtown. Ward 3 also covers Indigo Trails, and Fuller Estates, which is located just south of Prairie View High School.

“Since Ward 3 is so diverse, it’s critical for me to understand the needs of each neighborhood,” says Baca, who works as a purchasing agent for the City of Aurora. “I want to meet people in every neighborhood now, so when I become their city councilmember I will already have a working relationship with them”.

“I want them to call me without hesitation,” she says. “And I want to rely on their knowledge and insight. They are the eyes and ears of Ward 3.

Baca says that the community’s participation is important.

“The Brighton City Council votes on issues big and small, and I need to understand how Ward 3 residents want their tax dollars spent,” said Baca, who has been attending City Council meetings and study sessions since June of this year.
On a lighter note, Baca jokes that one of her greatest campaign investments is a pair of tennis shoes. “My goal is to wear them out. I want them worn out by the time people start voting in mid-October.”

She hopes to inspire Ward 3 residents to register and vote. “Even if residents don’t vote for me, I hope they will register to vote and participate in the election. It would be great to have a record turnout this Fall.”

Lynn Baca can be reached at 303-478-2145, by email at, and on Facebook.