Thursday, September 15, 2011

Adams County Commissioners Suspend County-Paid Car Washes

RFP for Car Wash Services to be Issued

The Adams County Board of Commissioners, in keeping its commitment to change the way the county does business, announced a 30-day suspension for county-paid car washes.

Over the past two months, the commissioners became aware that county vehicles were being washed at Tailfeathers car wash, located at 120th Ave. and Hwy. 85. This establishment is owned by Adams County Surveyor Tim Thoms. In July 2011, the county notified county employees and officials that washing county vehicles at Tailfeathers was no longer authorized.

As a result of the commissioners reform plan adopted last May, the county has been focusing on contracts and business practices. Further review of car wash activity revealed irregularities in usage at the I Auto Wash, located at 78th Ave. and Washington Street. Usage reports showed an unexplained spike in activity in January, February and March 2011.

"We are committed to improve the standards of good government and use our resources wisely," said County Administrator Jim Robinson. "Every time we see a business practice inconsistent with standards of good government, we are going to swiftly bring about the proper changes."

The Adams County Board of Commissioners met in executive session this morning to be briefed on the background of this issue and later directed county administration to suspend all car wash activity for 30 days, effective Sept. 16, 2011, to allow county staff time to make substantial changes to its current business practices.

"Our goal is to recognize that as our county grows, standards once considered acceptable must be reviewed, revisited and revised. Business relationships with these car wash vendors have continued for years without a contract," stated the Board of County Commissioners. "Conducting business with just a handshake stopped with the adoption of the county reform plan on May 25, 2011. The county will be issuing an RFP for car wash services and drafting a clear set of policies and procedures, so we have the necessary controls in place by mid-October."