Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ethics Watch: Adams County Assessor Gil Reyes Must Resign...

Today, Ethics Watch Director Luis Toro called on Adams County Assessor Gil Reyes, a Democrat, to resign. Yesterday, the Denver Post reported that the State Division of Property Taxation had recommended that all warehouse properties in Adams County be reappraised due to concerns that Reyes improperly favored campaign contributors in calculating the assessed value of warehouses in the county. Earlier this month, Reyes pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to report a gift from one warehouse owner who allegedly received favorable treatment. In addition, Ethics Watch understands that a complaint for violation of the Amendment 41 gift ban filed by the Adams County Commissioners is currently pending before the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission (“IEC”), although the IEC will not confirm the existence of such a complaint until after it is determined not to be frivolous.

“Enough is enough,” said Ethics Watch Director Luis Toro. “Adams County residents have no reason to believe Assessor Reyes can run his office on behalf of the public as opposed to his own private interests. The state’s determination that all warehouse property in the county must be re-assessed is a stunning indictment of his leadership. In addition, his admitted disclosure violation and the likelihood of Ethics Commission sanctions in the future make it impossible for him to retain the public trust. Assessor Reyes should step down immediately.”