Thursday, August 18, 2011

Denver POST: Editorial: Adams assessor must step aside

Not only should Gil Reyes stay out of the way as the county's warehouses are reappraised, but he also needs to resign.

Adams County Assessor Gil Reyes is the worst kind of elected official: an entrenched bureaucrat who put the interests of a few campaign donors above those of the taxpayers he was elected to serve.

Adding insult to injury is Reyes' unwillingness to own up to his misdeeds.

On Tuesday, a state board voted unanimously to reappraise every warehouse property in Adams County after an investigation determined that Reyes provided favorable treatment to campaign donors. Officials said they could remember no other case where an entire class of properties had to be reappraised.

The unprecedented decision was prompted by the reporting of The Post's David Olinger. His stories and a report by the Division of Property Taxation paint a clear picture of a corrupt politician. full story click here...