Sunday, July 17, 2011

Commerce City seeks input on improvement projects

Commerce City is seeking volunteers interested in serving on the Quality Community Initiative Stakeholder Committee. This group will be charged with looking at the list of suggested long-term improvement and new construction projects in the city as well as available funding and developing a recommendation for how the city should proceed.

The committee will be broken down into four subcommittees looking into the major areas of city infrastructure, economic development, cultural development and public safety. Committee members will be responsible for first gathering information from city staff in terms of the community needs and possible ways to meet these needs and then sharing this information with community groups and gathering their input in developing a more broad-based approach to solutions.

It's anticipated this committee will meet monthly and provide quarterly reports to City Council prior to providing an initial recommendation to council in late summer 2012.

Anyone interested in serving on this committee should email Mizraim Cordero at prior to Monday, Aug. 22.