Thursday, May 26, 2011

Letter to the Editor from the Adams County Board of Commissioners...

Three months ago, we promised the citizens of Adams County reform. Our seven-point plan is our promise that real change is coming.

As our county grows, actions once considered acceptable are no longer acceptable. We once lived in a county where a handshake was as good as a contract and a person’s word was their bond. But certain individuals have taken advantage of weaknesses in our system and manipulated them for personal gain.

That stops today.

New policies will eliminate waste, prevent corruption and provide guidelines so individuals don’t have well-meaning acts turn into issues of real or perceived corruption.

There will be skeptics, and rightly so. The actions of all Adams County leaders must match our promise. Citizens must hold us accountable as we work to regain their trust. We apologize if our actions or inactions in the past have contributed to public corruption or embarrassment to our citizens.

W. R. “Skip” Fischer, Alice J. Nichol, Erik Hansen
Adams County Board of Commissioners