Monday, February 14, 2011

Don Ytterberg Announces Candidacy for State GOP Vice-Chair

Don Ytterberg, Jefferson County GOP Chairman, today announced his candidacy for Colorado State Republican Party Vice-Chairman. "My extensive experience running successful businesses, combined with what I have learned as both a County Party Chairman and a former candidate for State Senate provides me the skill set necessary to aid in the rebuilding of the Colorado Republican Party," he stated. "'Business as usual', and 'politics as usual,' are not this candidate."

"We Republicans believe in free enterprise and self-reliance. I will participate and help implement the plan of our new State Chairman. I will also assist our new leadership to integrate our State party, County parties and Victory operations to win elections."

"The Colorado Republican Party will support its candidates and deliver its message with reliance on the people of Colorado , not Washington , D. C." he said. "Further, I will continue the open door policy I have in Jefferson County , to bring in and welcome all interest groups of the Party. We cannot be successful without an open, friendly hand to all Coloradans. Being ideological does not have to mean being exclusive. We welcome all Republicans and unaffiliated voters to our GOP Family." Ytterberg commented.

"I look forward to working with all our Republicans for the future of our State."