Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tancredo: The Liberals' Secret Tax Hike is Dead on Arrival if I'm Governor

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO--Insurgent conservative Tom Tancredo said today that a huge new tax hike being hatched by a liberal group called the Colorado Reform Roundtable in secret will be "dead on arrival" if he is Governor.

The group, comprised of various liberal interest groups who have backed dozens of other tax hikes in recent years, has become a focus in the final weeks of the campaign as they banter in secret about a new multi-billion dollar sales tax to be dropped after the election.

Last week John Hickenlooper told the Steamboat Springs Pilot that he would back a tax hike as Governor. Hick also supports the repeal of the Senior Homestead Exemption and the continuation of Bill Ritter's car tax.

Said Tancredo, "When I'm governor, I will take the Colorado Reform Roundtable and all of the other liberal interest groups looking for higher taxes to the woodshed. The fact is, this is a front group for John Hickenlooper's tax hiking proclivities. Just as true is that I will drop a political anvil on their job-killing, secret tax plan."

"No way, no how will the liberals' secret tax hike become law when I'm Governor."