Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Perlmutter Appallingly Attacks Education in New Ad

Criticizes Frazier for Volunteering to Improve Children’s Education

Aurora, CO – Incumbent Democrat Rep. Ed Perlmutter has hit an all-time low in a desperate attempt to keep his fading political career alive. His latest attack ad wrongly criticizes Ryan Frazier for missing half of his volunteer board meetings at High Point Academy, the public charter school Frazier co-founded. Perlmutter’s attack ad has even disappointed the Board President of High Point Academy, Brandon Wyszynski.

“As a co-founder and governing board member of High Point Academy, Ryan Frazier has served our school and community honorably through his leadership and commitment,” said Wyszynski. “Ryan has provided strategic direction from the school’s inception, and it’s disappointing that he has been criticized in his role as a volunteer board member. At High Point Academy, we will continue to focus on providing a quality education for our students.”

High Point Academy, which is comprised of 1/3 Hispanic, 1/3 African-American, and 1/3 Caucasian students, has been an example of excellence in providing education to its students.

“Ed should apologize immediately to the children of High Point Academy for politicizing their education,” said Tyler Q. Houlton, Frazier’s spokesman. “This ad is unbecoming of an elected official and an embarrassment to the 7th Congressional District.”

The school’s executive director and principal, Terry Croy Lewis, stated, “Ryan has been a very good board member,” in the Colorado Independent story used by the Perlmutter Campaign for their ad.

“Attacking Ryan Frazier for co-founding a public charter school and volunteering on its school board is pathetic,” Houlton concluded. “What does it say about a Congressman who attacks a school in his own district?”