Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Scott Kimball and the Colorado Attorney General

Colorado needs to know about the case of serial killer Scott Lee Kimball before casting their votes in the race for Attorney General. It underscores themes of government accountability and transparency that should matter to all voters. Please join many others, and watch my new video here.

Negative Advertisement? The public deserves to know the facts and I will not participate in the conspiracy of silence that has shrouded this case since 2002. I know some have worried that the Kimball advertisement is 'negative.' When I declared my candidacy on April 8, I made one commitment, to tell the truth. The Kimball story, though very sad, is absolutely true and the voters of Colorado deserve to know the truth. I'm reminded of President Truman, known for his blunt style. People asked, 'Why are you always giving people hell, Harry?' He said, "I don't give people hell; I tell them the truth and they think it is hell."

Government needs to be transparent, accountable and set the right priorities. I’m proud of the role my office played in putting Scott Kimball behind bars, and the work of many in the Boulder DA's office who helped the victims’ families. My opponent is anything but accountable for the actions he's taken during his career as a government lawyer. This case is significant because it demonstrates a clear distinction between the managerial styles we both bring to the job.

I will be the people’s lawyer and work every day to protect you, your children and your parents. I will carry the same level of compassion and accessibility I have demonstrated as District Attorney for the 20th Judicial District when I become your next Attorney General. Remember, it wasn’t just that Suthers put his signature on a document in December 2002 that put Kimball on the streets. It was also his top level staff who appeared in court on Kimball's case over 7 times, promising the Judge he would be on a “tight leash.”

I need your support. This is a terribly important election and in order for us to win in November, I need three things from you:

· When the ballots drop on Monday, I would be honored if you voted for me.

· Tell your friends they have a important choice this year in the Attorney General's race and vote for Garnett because he will be the people's lawyer.

· If you can, please contribute $10, $50 or $100 to our efforts. As you know, TV is expensive.

Every day we get one step closer to electing an Attorney General that will represent and protect you.

Stan Garnett