Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ryan Frazier’s Stimulus Story Continues to Unravel

New Documents Reveal Frazier’s Charter School PROACTIVELY Applied for Stimulus Dollars

The Perlmutter campaign today released new documents raising even more questions about Ryan Frazier’s role in applying for and accepting federal stimulus dollars for his charter school, High Point Academy.
The documents released today show that High Point Academy proactively applied for and received more than $100,000 in federal stimulus funds (ARRA funds - -American Reinvestment and Recovery Act) to pay for at least five teacher salaries, training and equipment in both 2009 and 2010.

Even though Frazier continues to criticize the benefits of ARRA, and says he didn’t know his school applied for and received the funds, he seconded the motion to approve the budget for 2010-2011 which included the ARRA funds on page 6-7 of the 10-page budget.

So the questions remain:

1. Did Frazier know his school applied for and accepted the funds?
2. If he didn’t know, did he read the budget?
3. If he didn’t read the budget, why not – he’s a board member and has a fiduciary responsibility to know?
4. If he didn’t read the budget, why did he second the motion to approve it?

“In order to have the job, Ryan needs to DO the job,” said Perlmutter spokeswoman Leslie Oliver. “He has a pattern of not showing up to his taxpayer funded city council job, not showing up to the board meetings of his own charter school, and not actually doing the work required to be a responsible board member. If he’s this sloppy and unengaged in these jobs, why would he be any different in Congress. There is a reason Republicans Paul Tauer and Bob Beauprez questioned Ryan’s qualifications and said he “should be fired, not promoted.”

Frazier needs to tell the truth about his involvement in his school receiving these ARRA funds. The documents to apply for the funds state specific teachers, equipment and programs to be paid for by the ARRA funds. He either lied about not knowing about the funds, or he didn’t do the work he was supposed to do as an involved board member of the school he says he helped co-found.