Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beg, Borrow, and Tax: Tancredo Rips Hick for Proposing a Severance Tax that the Voters Just Rejected

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO—A couple short years after a massive severance tax increase proposed by Bill Ritter was widely rejected by voters, John Hickenlooper is now proposing to do effectively the same thing again -- a proposal the Durango Herald described as a "voluntary severance tax increase [that] would come from gas companies."

Tancredo ripped Hickenlooper for proposing the "son of Amendment 58." Amendment 58 was defeated by wide margins in Colorado in 2008.

"Well here we go again. John Hickenlooper raised taxes by $290 million as Denver Mayor, and now we learn he wants to raise energy taxes, even though the voters totally rejected a similar plan. Hick can call it a 'voluntary' energy tax increase if he wants, but anytime the government asks for taxes, it ain't voluntary. It's either a requirement, or it's extortion. John Hickenlooper's economic policy is best described in three words: beg, borrow, tax. And if John Hickenlooper is Governor, these ridiculous tax hiking ploys will reign supreme for four more painful years."

To read the full Durango Herald story describing Hick's latest tax raising scheme, click here.