Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Frazier Campaign Calls on Perlmutter to Divest from ‘Green’ Bank

Perlmutter snuck in legislation to benefit bank he partially owns

Aurora, CO – Today, Ryan Frazier’s Campaign for the 7th Congressional District called on incumbent Democrat Rep. Ed Perlmutter to divest from a ‘green’ bank he partially owns. According to the Washington Times, Perlmutter inserted an amendment into the cap-and-trade bill to directly benefit the bank.

“While many Coloradans are out of work and struggling to get by, millionaire Ed Perlmutter is sneaking in legislation to live his country club lifestyle on the backs of taxpayers,” said Tyler Q. Houlton, Frazier’s Campaign spokesman. “I think most people would consider this a conflict of interest.”

According to financial disclosure documents, Perlmutter personally owns up to $15,000 in New Resource Bank – the first and largest ‘green’ bank in America.

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