Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bennet’s Answer on EFCA Raises More Questions

DENVER—At the 9 News/Denver Post debate last night, Democrat Michael Bennet announced that he does not support the Employee Free Choice Act, or EFCA.

The Denver Post reported—

“After more than a year of equivocating on the Employee Free Choice Act, which would greatly ease union organizing, Bennet said: ‘I would not support the language in that bill.’”

“What does Michael Bennet mean by that statement? Is he against Card Check legislation? Does he favor the arbitration provision in EFCA?” asked John Swartout, Buck’s campaign manager. “Colorado’s businesses and employers deserve to know which parts of EFCA Bennet support and which parts he does not support.”

Democrats have signaled that they will consider bringing up EFCA during the lame duck session of Congress.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, chair of the Senate committee overseeing labor issues said—“to those who think [card check] legislation is dead, I say think again” (07/09/2010).

“Coloradans deserve to know if Bennet will or will not support card check legislation during a lame duck session,” added Swartout. “It’s a simple question.”

Bennet has a history of refusing to provide details on his positions. An example of this includes Cap and Trade legislation. Though Bennet sent out a letter in support of the job killing legislation when it passed the House, he now says he does not support the House version of the bill, and refuses to provide details about what type of Cap and Trade legislation he supports.

“Over a hundred thousand Coloradans have lost their jobs since Bennet was appointed,” added Swartout. “Bennet needs the courage to come out and simply state whether he will not support card check legislation.”