Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bennet & Buck Agree: EFCA Bad For Colorado

CCJ Applauds Both Candidates For Speaking Out Against Big Labor’s Central Legislative Priority

Denver (October 11, 2010) – The Coalition for Colorado Jobs (CCJ) tonight applauded both major party candidates for U.S. Senate for publicly opposing the job-killing Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act (EFCA) – including the first public statement of opposition to the bill from Senator Michael Bennet.

“With jobs and the economy being the top issue on the minds of Colorado voters, its great news for our small business and individual workers that both candidates said in tonight’s debate that they oppose the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act,” said Sandra Hagen Solin, state director of the Coalition for Colorado Jobs (CCJ). “We are very pleased to hear Senator Bennet – after months of silence – tell Colorado voters that he opposes the job-killing EFCA bill.”

In tonight’s KUSA-TV/Denver Post debate, Bennet said that he opposes the language in the EFCA bill. His Republican opponent, District Attorney Ken Buck, agreed.

A core mission of the Coalition for Colorado Jobs has been to get all Federal candidates on the record on this critically important jobs measure – particularly in a year when the economy continues to poll at the top of voters’ concerns.

The Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act would allow for card check signature campaigns that would force workers to state their views about unionization in public, opening them up to pressure and coercion from organizers in the workplace. The bill would benefit union bosses by creating a binding arbitration process run by government bureaucrats that would determine the terms of a contract without approval from employees or employers. The burdens and liabilities that EFCA would place on small businesses would force many to close their doors or move overseas.