Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tancredo Surges Into Lead with Independent Voters Closing the Gap Among Republicans

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO--A new CNN/Time/Opinion research poll shows former Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo racing past Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper among the state's independent voters.

“This poll is enormously encouraging,” said Tancredo. “With this kind of momentum it is clear we can win this race!”

Tancredo campaign manager Bay Buchanan said Tancredo’s campaign will continue to gain support as more and more Republicans focus on the governor’s race and the ethical plight of Evergreen conman Dan Maes, who has been struggling amid allegations of corruption, campaign finance violations, and resume padding.

“Tom Tancredo continues to surge in the polls and with only seven weeks in the race is now leading among independents,” said Buchanan. “This is incredibly good news for our campaign—it makes a clear case that Tom Tancredo can beat John Hickenlooper.”