Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wow... Bennet Criticizes Stimulus That He Voted For

We can’t make this stuff up.

I wanted to ensure that you saw the following report in today’s Denver Post noting the NRO’s story that appointed Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) had the audacity to criticize the massive stimulus debacle that HE voted to pass as he decried the record debt that HE helped build as “immoral to leave…to our children.”

As a reminder, Bennet previously made the bizarre claim that “spending federal dollars can drive down the growing national debt,” as reported by the Denver Post in May.

Response and background information from the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC):

“Michael Bennet’s hypocrisy is absolutely astounding. Bennet voted for President Obama’s massive stimulus debacle, which he admittedly did not read. But now that Bennet is trailing in the polls, he has the nerve to complain about the record debt that he has helped drive to nearly $13.4 trillion? Why didn’t Michael Bennet stand up when he had the chance and vote against President Obama’s massive stimulus debacle last year? The answer is simple: Michael Bennet is a liberal rubberstamp for his party leaders in Washington, and his empty rhetoric decrying his own record is hypocritical and insulting to Colorado voters, who will elect Ken Buck as their next U.S. Senator this November.” – Amber Marchand, NRSC Press Secretary

Background Information:

After He Voted For Obama’s Massive “Stimulus” Package, Bennet Said He Hadn’t Even Read The Bill. ‘“I did not read every single page of the legislation and nor did the people that voted against this bill,’ he said. ‘We had very good summaries all the way through from the hundreds and thousands of staff people who work on this legislation, and if we were to read, and I say we meaning everybody that’s there, every single page of every single bill, that’s all we would do.”’ (Face The State Blog, “Bennet Admits He Didn’t Read Entire Stimulus Bill,” http://www.facethestate.org/buzz/14248-bennet-admits-he-didnt-read-entire-stimulus-bill-defends-his-yes-vote, , 2/18/09)

· Even Though He Had Not Read The Bill, Bennet Said He Supported President Obama’s Efforts To Pass The Economic Stimulus Plan. “I can’t say that I agree or disagree with every specific in the plan because I haven’t read the plan. But as a general matter, I certainly agree with the approach. I’m completely supportive of the president-elect’s efforts here.” (Michael Bennet As Quoted In, Sara Burnett, “Bennet Kicks Off On-The-Job Training,” Rocky Mountain News, 1/9/09)

Bennet Claimed The Stimulus Would Bring Jobs To Colorado. ‘“They are among as many as 6,000 Colorado residents who will get new ‘green jobs’ directly or indirectly because of the $80 million that Colorado will get through the federal economic recovery act,’ Bennet said.” (Kirk Mitchell, “Brightening Opportunities,” The Denver Post, 5/31/09)

· Bennet: “[W]e Came Together Tonight To Enact An Economic Recovery Plan That Creates Jobs, Cuts Taxes For American Families And Businesses, And Lays The Foundation For Long-Term Economic Growth.” (Senator Michael Bennet, Press Release, “Congress Approves American Recovery And Reinvestment Act,” 2/13/09)

Bennet Said: “‘[T]his Is An Extraordinary Time, And We Are Going To Have To Deficit Spend To Get Out Of Where We Are.’” (Sara Burnett, “Bennet Kicks Off On-The-Job Training,” Rocky Mountain News, 1/9/09)

“Bennet Said That Spending Federal Dollars Can Drive Down The Growing National Debt.” (Jessica Fender, “Biden speaks in Denver,” The Denver Post, 5/27/09)