Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ryan Frazier Statement on Obama’s Iraq Speech

Wheat Ridge, CO – Ryan Frazier, Republican candidate for Colorado’s 7th Congressional District, released the following statement on President Barack Obama’s speech on Iraq. “As Americans, we owe our sincerest appreciation and gratitude to our men and women in uniform – some of whom have paid the ultimate sacrifice to our great nation. As combat operations wind down in Iraq, the job is yet to be finished. It has become clear that the “surge” strategy helped the Iraqi people combat sectarian violence and terrorism, while planting the seed of democracy in a former authoritarian state. It is now our job, both economically and militarily, to make sure our sacrifices were not made in vain. I urge the President, and Members of Congress, to take the appropriate steps to ensure success in the final stage of leaving Iraq a stronger, and more democratic nation.”