Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Statement from Jane Norton on Barack Obama Campaigning for Michael Bennet

“It shouldn’t come as any surprise that President Obama is rushing to save Michael Bennet’s struggling campaign given Bennet’s role as a loyal foot soldier in the President’s tax and spend agenda.
“Simply put, this November’s election will serve as a referendum on the Obama administration’s reckless agenda, including the failed trillion dollar stimulus program that has helped push our national debt to record highs, a government-takeover of our health care system, and a job killing cap-and-tax scheme that would cripple Colorado’s economy.

“Whether the Democrat nominee is Bennet or Andrew Romanoff, each will have to answer for his blind support of the Obama agenda that has been overwhelmingly rejected by Colorado. Voters are looking for someone who will stand up to the misguided policies of this administration."