Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Romanoff Exposes Another Smear from Bennet Campaign

Record Shows Romanoff Opposes Privatizing Social Security, Earned 100% Rating From Colorado Seniors

For the second time in a week, my opponent has attempted to mislead the citizens of Colorado (1). Here are the facts:

-- I oppose the privatization of Social Security. I said so in the vote I cast in the state legislature (2), and I renew that pledge now. The resolution my opponent cites has nothing to do with privatizing Social Security; in fact, it specifically urges Congress NOT to cut Social Security benefits (3).

-- My leadership on issues of concern to seniors earned me 100% ratings from AARP, the Colorado Senior Lobby, and the Colorado Gerontological Society (4).

-- My opponent voted against providing seniors with a one-time payment of $250 to cushion the blow of this recession, in the absence of a cost-of-living adjustment to their Social Security benefits (5).

-- Instead of defending the votes he has cast or the falsehoods his campaign is peddling, my opponent continues to dodge the public and the press. He has ducked seven debates to date, despite repeated attempts by the hosts -- over the course of six months, in at least one case -- to accommodate his schedule. I said yes to all seven requests.

I will remain accessible and accountable to the people of Colorado when they send me to the U.S. Senate, just as I was in the Statehouse. And I will continue to defend our seniors.