Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ken Buck Surge Continues

The Buck campaign announced a double whammy today- more cash on hand than Norton and better poll numbers against Bennet.

Denver, CO--The Buck campaign released their best fundraising numbers yet on the same day the latest Rasmussen Colorado poll shows Ken Buck extending his lead to 48 percent to 39 percent over appointed Democrat Senator Michael Bennet.

Buck’s July 1, total receipts were $417,000 for the second quarter, his best so far, and the campaign ended the quarter with $664,000 cash-on-hand, significantly more than the $600,000 reported last week by the Norton campaign. The campaign received donations from 4,897 donors.

Walt Klein, the campaign’s general consultant, said Buck’s numbers are even more impressive compared to Norton’s when you compare the July 1, cash on hand available to be spent in the primary election. Since both campaigns have received contributions that can be spent only in a general election, you have to deduct that money from the reported cash on hand totals to see where the two campaigns are with regard to the primary on August 10.

The Buck campaign shows $534,000 still available for the primary after setting aside $130,000 that can only be spent in a general election. That compares to only $337,000 available for Norton when you deduct at least the $263,000 of general election money she had as of her April 1, report (but which is almost certainly larger after this quarter).

Klein said it is not surprising that the establishment campaign of Jane Norton has raised three-times as much money as Ken Buck’s grassroots campaign so far. What’s remarkable, he said, is that 40 days before the primary, Norton has far less cash on hand than the Ken Buck campaign, and she is running behind Buck in all the independent polls in both the primary and general election match-ups.

Klein said, “Jane Norton is taking a page out of Obama’s establishment playbook--spending money hand-over-fist but sagging in the polls.”

Ken Buck said the fundraising and polling numbers reflect the tremendous momentum his campaign is receiving from voters across the state. He said, “I’m grateful for the strong support as we head into the homestretch of the primary. We still have a long way to go but this grassroots campaign is headed in the right direction.”