Friday, December 30, 2011

Commerce City Takes a Look at New City Fees for 2012

There will only be a slight increase in the Commerce City fees for the new year of 2012. The Commerce City council approved an increase of fees for 2012 that is averaging only a $5.00 increase per fee.

There will be one fee decrease. The state of Colorado has ruled the maximum a city can charge a sex offender to register is a rate of $75.00. Commerce City was charging a rate of $135.00 for the registration process for sex offenders. Thus the new rate for the registration of sex offenders in the city will now be $75.00.

A new fee was proposed. This new fee would be an annual fee for heavy or overweight vehicles. The new proposed fee that was presented to the council was a $250.00 fee.

The council, with a motion made by Councilmember Steve Douglas, decided to remove this new fee from the schedule and study it further in a future meeting.

A Commerce City farmer expressed his concerns that this proposed overweight vehicle fee would be difficult for him in this already difficult economic time.