Friday, July 29, 2011

Perlmutter: We Need Jobs for Americans Now. We Need Certainty in Our Economy Now.

205 Days -- Washington Republicans Offer No Jobs Plan

Washington, DC -- Today, U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter released the following statement about the Republican's Default plan.

"If we take a vote on the bill that is now before the House of Representatives, it guarantees a default on the American people because we know it cannot pass the Senate, and we know it will not be signed by the President. In the United States , we expect our leaders to put responsibility before partisan ideology, and to bring order from chaos. Instead, this bill and the constant Republican games are bringing chaos from order. We cannot continue risking economic catastrophe all over again six months from now. We need to pay the bills we already owe, so we can focus on the real priority of building jobs and getting people back to work in this country.

We need jobs for Americans now. We need certainty in our economy now. Let’s pass a balanced plan to shrink our deficit through spending cuts, close tax loopholes for billionaires and get back to the real work the majority of Americans elected us to do – to innovate, educate, and rebuild America’s infrastructure for sustained prosperity for all.”