Saturday, June 18, 2011

US Representative Ed Perlmutter Meets Constituents in Reunion

This morning, Saturday, June 18, Representative Ed Perlmutter met with the citizens he represents in Washington DC. He was originally scheduled to meet and discuss issues one on one from 10 am until noon, but the numbers of citizens that showed up packed the house and the congressman stayed for an extra hour to accommodate everyone. Citizens waited patiently for their time and Perlmutter's undivided attention. Some of the topics that were addressed included the Veteran's Hospital and Veteran's Benefits, Medicare, the economy, job loss and unemployment, education, the IRS, and also a very local issue regarding the proposed Xcel Cherokee pipeline project that is slated for Commerce City. It is great that so many local citizens took the time on such a beautiful sunny Colorado summer Saturday to get involved. A great big THANK YOU to US Representative Ed Perlmutter for taking your time to do such an excellent job at representing us in Washington DC and for taking the time to really listen to the issues and concerns of the people you represent.

Rep. Ed Perlmutter talks with Commerce City resident Sean Ford