Wednesday, June 1, 2011

RELEASE: Rep. Gardner takes jobs message to the White House

This morning Rep. Gardner met with President Obama at the White House, along with other House Republicans, to discuss the ways in which spending cuts and budget reform can create jobs.

“Our message to the President was simple – we told him the best way to create jobs is to reduce the uncertainty created by our massive debt,” Gardner said. “We made it very clear that spending cuts should exceed any increase in the debt limit and that encouraging growth in the private sector is the best way to help the economy.”

While the President did not agree to develop his own plan to reduce the debt and deficit as part of the debt limit debate, he did agree that entitlement reform is necessary.

At one point during the meeting, President Obama was asked by a Republican member why the EPA does not include jobs in its economic analyses. The question was spurred by an exchange Gardner had with a top EPA official, during which the official admitted that the agency does not consider the impact on jobs when issuing new rules and regulations. The exchange went viral on YouTube and can be viewed HERE.

President Obama did not give a direct answer to the question about the EPA’s regard for jobs. Gardner promised that he and his colleagues will continue to press the issue.