Friday, June 17, 2011

Meet John Sampson... A 2012 Republican Nomination for Colorado State Senate District 25

John N. Sampson
My name is John N. Sampson and I am seeking the Republican nomination for Colorado State Senate, for the November 2012 general election, representing Senate District 25. Why I'm Seeking Office?

Too many of us have become complacent, believe that there is nothing we, the people, can do to restore our government to the traditional Constitutional principles on which this Republic was formed. After the November 2010 elections and seeing what the lame duck session of Congress attempted to do, I decided it was time for me to get off the couch, stop watching the TV, and to get involved and get into the fight. After looking around, I decided that I could be most effective in helping to restore our Constitutional values by running for the Colorado State Senate.

The other Party has, over time, seen to it that State's Rights have been reduced, watered down, and marginalized. All one has to do is see what's going on in Arizona over their SB 1070 illegal immigration bill to see that the intent of the Democrats is to replace State's Rights with a strong, omnipotent, federal government. This runs contrary to the principles set forth in both the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Colorado.

We have, over time, given up our essential liberties in exchange for security and safety, and have ceded our autonomy to those in Washington, D.C. Ben Franklin wrote "Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one."

The purpose of the federal government is to provide for the common defense of all of the States, and to promote the general welfare. Democrats, however, believe that the purpose of the federal government is to be involved in virtually every aspect of our lives. I cannot disagree more. That is why I am running for the State Senate, to help restore Colorado's rights.

We need to ensure that our tax system is FAIR and not confiscatory. The Democrats believe that whenever there is a problem, the solution is to raise taxes. I am opposed to this kind of thinking. We need to find solutions to our problems that are effective and long term, and not simply raise taxes and throw good money after bad.

My purpose for running for State Senate is to hopefully restore some common sense and fiscal restraint on the State Government, and to preserve State's Rights. Issues such as in-state tuition for illegal aliens, civil unions, reliance on federal monies to pay for what this State needs as opposed to being responsible and independent, a confiscatory tax policy, loss of jobs, the environment, and others, underscore the problems we face as a State. Contrary to popular belief, more is not necessarily better, especially when it comes to government involvement in our daily lives.

That is why I've chosen to embark on this ambitious path. I feel compelled to try and do something about this rather than sit on the sidelines and complain.

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