Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Colorado Republican Party Chairman Praises Introduction of Colorado Communities Redistricting Map

The Chairman of the Colorado Republican Party issued the following statement in connection with the introduction of the Colorado Communities Map redistricting proposal this afternoon.

“Republicans in the state legislature have risen to their duty as set forth in our Colorado Constitution to propose a fair and legal plan for Congressional redistricting that respects Colorado ’s unique and diverse geography and historic regional differences and is in line with state and federal law,” said Ryan Call, State Chairman of the Colorado Republican Party.

“Republicans in the Legislature have extended an olive branch that thoughtfully incorporates many of the ideas suggested by their Democratic colleagues in an effort to craft a meaningful compromise that has a reasonable chance of passing both chambers and being signed into law,” Chairman Call continued. “I hope our Democrat friends will recognize that sometimes you have to be willing to put aside purely partisan advantage and do what is right for the citizens of Colorado .”