Thursday, May 12, 2011

Chairman Ryan Call Released the Following Statement Regarding Redistricting

"Redistricting is not a game to Republicans. It is a serious matter that affects every single Coloradan and their congressional representation. The Joint Select Committee on Redistricting listened to hours of testimony from concerned Coloradans who wanted to ensure that their communities of interest were maintained. House Bill 1319 did exactly that. Since Democrats in the legislature filibustered, delayed and blocked meaningful consideration of redistricting bills and failed to negotiate in good faith on a reasonable compromise, Colorado citizens must now look to the courts to do what Democrats would not--namely, follow the legal requirements and protect Colorado's distinct regions and communities of interest. It is clear that when we look back at this redistricting process, Democrats will be seen as the ones stalling to get their maps drawn behind closed doors by judges while Republicans were pushing to draw a map in public that represented the wishes of Coloradans. Once again Democrats are putting politics before the people of Colorado.”