Tuesday, May 3, 2011

7NEWS: "Lawmakers Scrambling To Explain Meals With Lobbyist"

Arthur Kane and Tony Kovaleski, CALL7 Investigators

CALL7 Investigation Asks Whether Lawmakers Reimbursed For Meals As Required By State Constitution

More than a dozen legislators met for meals with employees of a powerful lobbying firm, and the state's ethics watchdog group says those meals violated the state constitution unless lawmakers reimbursed for their share of the bill, a CALL7 Investigation found.

Records obtained by CALL7 Investigators found top lobbying firm Axiom Strategies had meetings and meals with 16 state lawmakers -- including some of the most powerful legislators of both parties -- totaling more than $1,700 over the past two years. Some reimbursements were as high as $350 and some as low as $2. Axiom did not provide its client, Pinnacol Assurance, detailed restaurant receipts of what was consumed, how many people attended the meeting or if lawmakers paid their share.

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