Friday, April 8, 2011

Udall Calls on Republicans to Move Past Sticking Points to Real Compromise on Budget

Today, Mark Udall released the following statement in response to protracted budget negotiations between congressional Republicans and Democrats.

“The American people elected us to work together and get the job done; instead, the debate over a government shutdown is now being held hostage by unrelated Republican policy demands over women’s health services and our clean air laws. I’m calling on Republicans to stop using the budget debate and a government shutdown to score political points,” Udall said. “Military families are worried about receiving their paychecks, farmers are waiting for operating loans to put seed in the ground, and people all over the country are still waiting on their tax refunds. Women’s health services and climate change have nothing to do with funding the government, and I’m disappointed these issues have been raised at the eleventh hour just to sustain conflict and push a government shutdown.”

Udall gave a speech on the Senate floor today to repeat those sentiments; watch it HERE.