Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Perlmutter: Republicans Add $300 Million to National Debt -- But No Jobs in 13 Weeks

Today, U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter (CO-07) voted against Republican Speaker John Boehner's plan to increase the national deficit by $300 million. Unfortunately House Republicans today approved a plan to spend $300 million to fund private school vouchers in the District of Columbia . Below is a statement from Perlmutter regarding the vote on H.R 471, Private School Vouchers for D.C. - sponsored by Speaker Boehner.
"After 13 weeks and no efforts to create jobs here in our country, the House Republicans violated their own rules and earmarked $300 million to continue a failed program that increases the deficit," said Perlmutter. "Our country is just beginning to recover from the heart attack we suffered over the past couple of years, and we need to ensure we are taking the right steps of creating jobs and investing responsibly in our education and infrastructure, so we can continue to be strong, stable and secure once again."

"House Republicans, led by the Tea Party Express want to slash education funding by $4.9 billion across the country while increasing funding for religious and private schools in a small district. I believe this is a violation of their ban on earmarks, and their own "cut and go" procedures, as well as an irresponsible attack on public schools and the public school system."