Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Buck To Serve As National Co-Chair for PBBA

Pass the Balanced Budget Amendment (Pass the BBA), a national grassroots organization committed to ensuring our elected leaders are held fiscally accountable, is pleased to announce Ken Buck to serve as a chairman for the group. Mr. Buck is a successful businessman, attorney and political leader in Colorado . As Colorado 's Republican U.S. Senate Candidate in 2010, Ken Buck made passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment a top priority to rein in out of control government spending. Since the campaign, Mr. Buck has continued his leadership for a BBA with a bottom-up approach to help state based grassroots activists pressure Washington on spending restraint and finally balancing our federal budget.

"Colorado citizens are very familiar with Ken Buck's dedication to sound public policy to help families, strengthen communities and boost the economy," said Ken Blackwell, National Chairman of Pass the BBA. "Ken Buck is going to bring that same enthusiasm for our national efforts to Pass The Balance Budget Amendment, and we welcome him to our team. Ken will provide excellent leadership for our grassroots campaign."

Pass the BBA is driven by the voters who overwhelmingly demanded greater fiscal responsibility at the polls last November. Harnessing that unprecedented energy, our 50-state grassroots and media campaign will give a voice to the millions of Americans who are demanding an end to Washington 's out-of-control spending through the implementation of a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

"I am honored to be a part of Pass the Balanced Budget Amendment. Americans are frustrated with the uncontrollable spending coming from their capitol," said Ken Buck. "Only through a Constitutional Amendment requiring a balanced budget and safeguards against increasing taxes or increasing debts can the people be assured our representatives spend within their means."

Ken Buck will spearhead Pass The BBA's grassroots efforts. By educating and mobilizing concerned citizens, Mr. Buck will lead efforts to push for legislation in state legislature and if available utilize the initiative and referendum process.Several House Members of Congress have introduced BBA bills, and more are expected to be introduced in the upcoming months. Pass the BBA has supported efforts that balance the budget through spending cuts, require a supermajority vote in each chamber to raise taxes or increase debt, require the President to submit a balanced budget to Congress, and hold a vote by October 1 2011.