Friday, February 18, 2011

Senate Republicans Call On Democrats To Reevaluate Their Attitude Toward Business

Today Senate Republicans called on Democrats to reevaluate their attitude toward business. In the past few weeks the Democrat Senate Majority has blocked efforts to phase-out the onerous business personal property tax and other pro-jobs, business-friendly legislation.

Assistant Minority Leader Bill Cadman, R-Colorado Springs, said Democrats are showing an “attitude of indifference toward Colorado businesses.”

In fact, Democrat Senator Joyce Foster said, “I don’t care if that company, one company chooses to leave the state. Other companies are here,” in the Senate Local Government Committee in reference to an insurance company. The audio is available here.

“I wonder if the employees of the company Senator Foster referenced would feel indifferent if they found themselves unemployed because of her legislation,” concluded Cadman.

Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp, R-Littleton, added, “This is not the message the legislature should be sending to Colorado businesses. Senate Republicans will continue to work with employers across the state to cut red tape, ease the tax burden and help them continue creating jobs.”