Monday, January 17, 2011

Gateway News Survey Results: Ban on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in your city or county

The Gateway News asked: “Would you agree with a proposed ban on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in your city or county?”

The first day the survey was posted on our website, the results were overwhelmingly against the ban by 85%. Then as time went on, the results became more even. At the end of one week, the results were 56% in favor of the ban and 44% against the ban.

Many of the comments stated that “yes indeed” they were for a ban in their specific city or county, but “not against the idea of medical marijuana”. They just wanted that type of business left to the Denver and Boulder areas.

A couple of comments included statements that, even though they were “publicly against Medical Marijuana dispensaries in general”, they were truly not against them, but felt safe to reveal true feelings in the survey. One comment that stands out, further explained: “I guess that is why election ballots are anonymous.”

Thank you to all that took time to take the Survey. There were a total of 1,789 responses.