Thursday, December 2, 2010

“Don’t Leave the Jobless Out in the Cold”

Statement on the Need to Pass the Unemployment Extension

At midnight last night, 800,000 unemployed workers lost their unemployment insurance benefits. By the end of December, 2 million are projected to lose their unemployment insurance. Shame on those in Congress who aren't supporting this emergency lifeline.

The domino effect of the unemployment insurance expiration will affect more than just the families of the unemployed. When jobless families are unable to pay their mortgage, buy groceries or generate tax revenue, local communities, businesses and governments all suffer. The expiration of unemployment insurance benefits slows our economy down when wewe need to speed it up.

The Colorado AFL-CIO and working families are calling on Congress to approve a one year emergency extension of unemployment insurance. Never before has Congress allowed unemployment insurance to expire when so many people are looking for work but unable to find jobs. But instead of focusing on working families, the newly-elected GOP Congress is pushing to pass tax cuts for millionaires by extending the Bush tax cuts for those making over $250,000.

Representatives Coffman and Lamborn: Don’t leave Colorado’s economy in the cold this December. Keep our communities and jobless families afloat; support a one year emergency extension of unemployment insurance.