Friday, December 3, 2010

Bennet Pushes for Action on Nation’s Fiscal Challenges

Would have supported sending recommendations to Congress in order to help drive action on deficit

Washington, DC – Michael Bennet and a group of 13 other Senators today urged the White House and bipartisan Congressional Leadership to move forward to address our nation’s urgent fiscal challenges regardless of the outcome of today’s Deficit Commission vote.

“I am disappointed that the commission was unable to achieve the necessary consensus to send its recommendations to Congress but encouraged that it received a majority vote,” Bennet stated following the vote. “While no one would agree with everything in a report of this magnitude, I would have supported sending the recommendations to Congress in order to help drive some real action on deficit reduction and serve as a nucleus for what could ultimately pass.

“As the process moves forward, I am committed to working with anyone – Democrat or Republican – to ensure our nation has a sustainable and secure economic future.”

To ensure that Congress focuses on our nation’s long term fiscal challenges, Bennet signed a letter, which was publicly released this morning as Commission members prepared to vote on bipartisan recommendations to reduce our nation’s long-term debt by an estimated $4 trillion over the coming decade.