Wednesday, November 17, 2010



DENVER, CO - MOP, Metro Organizations for People calls on Senator Reid (D-NV) to keep his promise and introduce the DREAM Act this year, just as he promised. The DREAM Act would allow undocumented youth to continue their education in pursuit of their DREAMS. In the past week to the present, MOP has made hundreds of callers to call Senator Reid asking him to push for the introduction of the DREAM Act in the Senate.

A few days before Senator Reid's re-election in Nevada, he promised, win or lose, that he would introduce the DREAM Act during the last session of congress this year, which started Nov. 15. Now, after winning his re-election MOP urges and says, "Promises are kept!" because many depend on his leadership.

"[Passing the DREAM Act] would give me the hope to looked towards the future," says MOP high school sophomore undocumented leader, "especially when thinking about joining the work force and choosing a career."

Every year over 65,000 students graduate from US high schools that cannot continue their educational dreams because they lack the proper documentation.
"As I grow up I keep bumping into obstacles, now I'm in high school and I can't apply to the same jobs my friends do and going to college is an immense challenge," states senior MOP leader who also is faced with the harsh halt to educational dreams because of his legal status.

Most of these students meet or exceed the requirements necessary to attend college after their senior year, but their immigration status impedes them from pursuing their dreams. The DREAM Act would allow these students under a provisional residency period to pursue their educational dreams and put them on a path to citizenship.

"The integrity of this country depends on how we honor our immigrant history," states MOP clergy leader, Rev. Bill Calhoun. "As people of faith we are called to love our neighbor like thy self, passing the DREAM Act is a huge step towards that direction."

Today, six undocumented youth travel from across America to ask Senator John McCain to co-sponsor the DREAM Act so that they can serve and protect this nation. The six students will be arriving at McCain's office and plan to stay until Senator John McCain puts forth his support of the DREAM Act.

MOP stands in solidarity with these brave six youth and together with the United We Dream Coalition, a national undocumented youth ran coalition; MOP says that now is the time to stand up, push, and fulfill promises.


PLEASE CALL Senator Reid's office 866-877-5552 (English) or 866-930-3396 (Spanish) asking him to introduce the DREAM Act NOW!

WHAT: MOP calls to Senator Reid (D-NV) to keep his promise and introduce the DREAM Act NOW!

WHEN: On-going

WHERE: Nation-Wide